April 15, 2020

5 Interesting Articles About UX Design and the Coronavirus

Here are links to five articles about the intersection of user experience design and the Coronavirus.

  1. How to design a user-friendly COVID-19 test
    COVID-19 test that you administer to yourself at home? It could be happening sooner than you think!
  2. Are public touchscreens bad for the user’s health?
    It’s the UX designer’s responsibility to make sure experiences are designed with the user’s physical and mental health in mind.
  3. How UX designers can encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic
    An explanation of how we can use "nudging" and emotional design to flatten the curve.
  4. Some Coronavirus Prevention UX Ideas: Quick and Dirty
    Quick ideas for apps that could help in social distancing and touchless interactions.
  5. How to Prepare Your Business and Website for the Coronavirus
    Includes action steps to prepare your business and website, including getting a UX audit done.
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2 comments on “5 Interesting Articles About UX Design and the Coronavirus”

  1. Hi Rebecca: thanks for your newsletter, love it, can't wait to study it more...hope you and David are doing okay. Joe

    1. Hi Joe! Blast from the past! How are you doing? Thank you for your comment. Both Dave and I are well.

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