PolitiFit Mobile App

There are two types of people: those that exercise and those that do not. In the group of those that do not, what is preventing them from working out? Most people are busy now a days, but it's not just a busy schedule that prevents people from exercising and increasing their fitness levels. What would motivate them to workout? This project was to design and app that would help people that wanted to increase their fitness levels to hit their exercising goals.

Parking Meter Redesign

The parking meters in Ann Arbor are notoriously finicky. While the mobile app has a good user experience, the tangible meters themselves can be difficult and frustrating to use. I decided to collect feedback from users on their experiences using the parking meters and redesigned both the physical machine as well as the screen. While in a perfect world the machines would be completely replaced, the redesign of the screens would be an easier to implement option.

Eat More Plants Mobile App

I think that people should eat more plants rather than animal products. It is better for the animals and the planet and can be better for your health as well. But how to encourage others to eat more plant-based meals? This is my passion project. I'm going to take this question and explore it using design thinking and user experience design techniques. This project will be updated as I make progress, so check back often or sign-up for my newsletter to find out the latest.

Instagram Redesign

My primary social network is Instagram. A lot of my friends and family are on Instagram. I also follow a lot of accounts of people I don't know, but in areas that interest me including: animals, illustrators, hand letterers, and vegan chefs. Overall I enjoy the user experience Instagram provides, there are a few inconsistencies and missing functionality I'd like to address in a redesign of the app.
  • "Stout Systems doesn’t have enough demand for UI/UX design to merit keeping someone on staff full time in that role. So it has been very valuable to have a relationship with Rebecca  for more than a decade. She has provided UI/UX design services to us on highly technical projects."
    Peg Bogema
    Stout Systems Development, Inc.
  • "Rebecca is creative and ideas driven, particularly when it comes to devising fresh concepts for Websites and mobile apps. She has a user-centric point of view and knows how to integrate research insights into the design process. Rebecca is the ideal partner to have on your team when you are looking to solve business challenges that require creative solutions."
    Ali Zaidi
    KW Works
  • "Rebecca is skilled at digging into a project and figuring out a great look and feel. She excels at working collaboratively, incorporates feedback well, and is very efficient about how she spends her time (not wasting effort on high fidelity when it's not needed)."
    Dave Sweeton
    Stout Systems Development, Inc.
  • "I have worked with Rebecca for several years on many projects. She is a consummate professional with great technical skills, superb design sensibilities, and a profound commitment to creating user experiences that are efficient and intuitive. She does excellent work. I can give her my very highest recommendation without qualification."
    Kirk Williams
    KW Works
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