Pocket Plant-Based Mobile App

Executive Summary

I think that people should eat more plants rather than animal products. It is better for the animals and the planet and can be better for your health as well. But how to encourage others to eat more plant-based meals? This is my passion project. I'm going to take this question and explore it using design thinking and user experience design techniques. This project will be updated as I make progress.

The Problem

There are 327 million people in the USA, this report estimates that 6% of the population is vegan. That's about 19,632,000 people! But that means that over 307 million people are not vegan. There are various reasons why individuals decided to go vegan including, but not limited to: reducing animal cruelty, reducing their impact on the environment, and healthier for their body.

While I would want everyone to go vegan, I know that is not realistic. Even so, if as many as people as possible ate more plant-based rather than completely eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs from their diets there would be a huge impact. I want to find out what is preventing people from reducing their consumption of animal products and what I can do to help.

My Role

I am the product designer for this app. I am responsible for all aspects of the project including research, user interviews, wireframing, visual design, and prototyping. 

understanding the user

In my first step in understanding my user, I will be creating an online survey that I will include a link to on my website as well as circulate on various social media platforms. From this initial survey, I will set-up user interviews with a sub-group of survey takers.

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